Free 5 Day Challenge to Reducing Stress & Anxiety
Discover how you can reduce your Stress & Anxiety through understanding what is actually happening to you
  • Knowledge: You will gain knowledge and understanding around Stress & Anxiety, because without understanding we are stumbling around in the dark. 
  • Strategies: Easy to understand and simple to implement strategies that you can do every day. You will notice immediate results when you use these strategies.
  • Support: You will be offered the opportunity to join a private Facebook group where you will be able to access support and even more hints, tips, insights, learnings and strategies. 

I know first hand how crippling Anxiety & Stress can be...

I served in the Royal Air Force for 26 years all over the world and during my service I was diagnosed with Cumulative Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD).

The doctors and psychologist wanted to medicate me to assist in my recovery but I refused.

I was told that my recovery would be much harder and I would probably never be promoted again.

This is when my journey began, 15 years ago I decided I would study and learn all I can about Stress & Anxiety. 

The more I learnt, the more I realised that we can learn to live with our Stress & Anxieties by understanding them, because it is through this understanding that we can develop strategies that work for us. 

I now want to share some of what I have learnt with you in this Free 5 Day Challenge....will you join me?

How will the Challenge work?

When you sign up to the challenge you will receive an email. (if you don't receive an email within 2 hours, please check your junk folder)

Within that email will be a video and an invitation to join the private Facebook Support Group.

The video will give you all the information you need for that days challenge.

Then, 24 hours later you will receive another email with a further video in it.

You will receive an email for the duration of the 5 day challenge and you will be encouraged to share your experiences, outcome and to ask questions within the Facebook Support Group.

I will be constantly monitoring the Facebook Support Group and I will also be sharing further insights, tips, learnings etc within the group as bonus material. 

It couldn't be any easier...

Will you join me?

Here are 4 sneak peeks at some insights & tips
There is so much more in the challenge:

Video Insight & Tip #1: 
How Stress Impacts Us
Stress - I am Enough Coaching
Video Insight or Tip #2: 
Stress is Unique
Stress - It's unique - I am Enough Coaching
Video Insight or Tip #3: 
How to Flip Failure
Stress - How to flip failure - I am Enough Coaching
Video Insight or Tip #4: 
Start With the End in Mind
Stress - Start with the end in mind - I am Enough Coaching

These are just a taste of what the challenge will be like ☝️

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